Edu-tech: Are You a Technophile or Technophobe?

with thanks to Esther Kustanowitz and

According to an article in the fall education supplement to the NY Jewish Week today’s teachers are not properly wired to be able to relate to and educate Generation Tech. How prepared do you feel?

Take a test of your technoliteracy…

  1. What is a blog? Is there a difference between a website and a blog? Do you know how to find Jewish blogs?
  2. What does web 2.0 mean?
  3. What is Wikipedia?
  4. What is YouTube?
  5. What is Facebook? Is it the same as MySpace and Friendster, or are there differences?
  6. What is iTunes? What is an MP3 player?

If you can’t answer all of these questions, it’s definitely time to start learning. Technology is not going away. At we plan to do our part to educate and inform you, our readers, in these areas and more while we offer practical tips to build your Internet strategy.

Do you have technology questions that you consider important for today’s Jewish leaders or innovators? Please share them with us.