Fundraising Association Introduces Wise Giving Website

The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) has unveiled its new wise giving website, Change the World With a Giving-and Wise-Heart. The site is designed to help donors think proactively about philanthropy and how they want to improve their communities through giving and volunteering.

The website contains a variety of information on how donors can make smart choices in their philanthropy, including guidance such as The Five P’s of Wise Giving and 25 Ways to Make Your Gifts Go Further. Donors can learn about different ways they can support charities, such as through matching gifts, payroll giving, giving circles, online games and click-a-day websites, credit card points and even regifting.

Another important focus of the site is wise giving and being able to spot legitimate organizations. Documents such as 25 Ways to Give Wisely and the Donor Bill of Rights provides donors with information on how to ensure they’re giving to worthy charities and the responsibilities a charity has during the fundraising and giving process. The website also tackles the issue of fundraising costs and how donors should examine costs.

Effective and wise giving is especially important during the holiday season when, according to studies by AFP and others, charities typically receive between one-third and one-half of their total annual contributions.