From Legacy to Leadership

Is Philanthropy Ready for the New Consumer?

In a world that’s adapting to radical social and economic change, today’s nonprofits are forced to reimagine how they do more with less: What could things look like if our costs went down, our reach went up, and we could multiply our impact? Innovation is no longer the exception, it’s the new imperative.

As some of the nation’s largest nonprofit institutions struggle to regain market share from their more nimble counterparts, the opportunity has never been more ripe for nonprofits to reinvent themselves. And it starts by listening to and engaging the new consumer.

Values-driven branding and marketing firm BBMG has just completed its latest white paper: “From Legacy to Leadership: Is Philanthropy Ready for the New Consumer?” The paper explores how branding, innovation and consumer engagement can drive social impact and help move legacy nonprofits into leadership brands.

Given the particular relevance to the organized Jewish community and the related themes that have appeared on this site, BBMG is offering our eJewish philanthropy readers a sneak peak before the white paper is released nationwide next week.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The new economy has created a reset moment that’s changing how we live and work. And it has profound consequences for philanthropy.

… From its roots in academic enclaves like Stanford Business School, social innovation has gone mainstream, moving into the halls of power under an administration that understands the value of collaboration and partnership. Social entrepreneurs are breaking boundaries and blurring lines between nonprofits and for-profits, combining social purpose with financial promise as they look to create innovative, sustainable revenue streams.

Consumers, too, are driving this transformation – by holding nonprofit organizations to higher standards, asking tougher questions and seeking more impact for every dollar or hour they invest in social causes. The opportunity has never been greater for nonprofit organizations to re-invent themselves around the new innovation imperative. As competition for mindshare and resources reaches new heights and power shifts from the few to the many, the way forward starts by understanding, engaging and empowering the new consumer. They are, after all, your next donors.”

You can click here to download the complete whitepaper.