Expanded Survey of New Jewish Initiatives Launched

2010 Survey of New Jewish Initiatives Focuses on Startup Leaders, Expands to Europe

Jumpstart, The Natan Fund, and The Samuel Bronfman Foundation announced the launch of the 2010 Survey of New Jewish Initiatives. The survey builds on the successes of the ground-breaking partnership that produced the 2008 Survey of New Jewish Organizations and The Innovation Ecosystem: Emergence of a New Jewish Landscape. This year, it will include a special focus on the leaders of Jewish startups. Also, for the first time, the survey will be conducted in Canada and Europe as well as the United States.

“New initiatives, whether they are independent startups or intrepreneurial ventures at established institutions, are the building blocks for 21st-century Judaism,” said Shawn Landres, co-founder and CEO of Jumpstart. “By mapping the field and profiling its leaders, we can anticipate new directions for our communities and focus our efforts where support is most needed.”

The 2010 Survey focuses on understanding the leaders of new Jewish initiatives, in addition to documenting key changes since the previous survey was conducted in November-December 2008. The grassroots energy of “do-it-yourself Judaism” comes at the same time that broad and deep philanthropic investment has sparked the creation and growth of intensive Jewish learning programs, service and travel experiences, and other leadership development fellowships.

The 2010 Survey itself introduces important innovations, in addition to this year’s focus on leadership. For the first time, the survey is open to all Jewish startups, regardless of their budget size; reflecting new trends in social innovation, it also is open to non-tax-exempt social enterprises. The survey’s expansion to Canada and Europe marks the first-ever transatlantic census of innovative and entrepreneurial Jewish ventures.

Summary of key changes in the 2010 Survey of New Jewish Initiatives:

  • New self-registration site;
  • Special module on the people who found and lead Jewish startups;
  • New European survey includes UK and continental European initiatives;
  • North American survey now includes Canada;
  • All new initiatives encouraged to participate, regardless of budget size;
  • Open to social enterprises, not just tax-exempt charitable initiatives.

“The Innovation Ecosystem report has served as a rallying point for innovators and their supporters,” said Felicia Herman, executive director of The Natan Fund. “By repeating the survey now, and extending its international reach, especially in the wake of the economic crisis, we hope to help current and potential funders and nonprofit leaders make data-driven decisions that will strengthen 21st-century Jewish life.”

As previously announced, the European version of the survey will be coordinated by a new transatlantic partnership among the Pears Foundation, Jumpstart, and The ROI Community for Young Jewish Innovators.