Eruv Battle Continues in Hamptons

from The Jewish Week:

Eruv Battle In The Hamptons: No Strings Attached

The legal fight in the Hamptons ­ – largely among Jews – ­ over the erection of an eruv continues for the fourth straight year with the filing July 30 of another suit.

This one seeks to prevent the Long Island Power Authority from permitting use of its utility poles for the demarcation of the eruv …

The Yiddish website Vos Iz Neias (What’s News) carried the story on its website and within hours there were 37 responses that, as could be expected, presented a largely one-sided view.

… But a surprising response from Anonymous offered a different perspective. He wrote that he knows many of the opponents of the eruv and that they are not “self-hating Jews and almost all donated millions to Jewish charities.”

“They are concerned about the area turning into another Monsey, and I can’t blame them, he added. These people pay very high taxes on their beautiful estates and don’t want illegal yeshivas springing up next door.”