Do You Work in Israel’s Nonprofit Community?

knessetAn open invitation from the Israel Association of Professional Fundraisers

Shalom Friends and Colleagues,

As you recall, about a year ago we began the process of creating a professional organization for fundraisers, consultants and resource development staff in Israel.

The initiative began as a result of various reports in the media that dealt a severe blow to the image of professional fundraisers. It hit home with many of us since the profession is seen as an ‘orphan’ or ‘stepchild’ and isn’t given the proper recognition by the public, despite our sizable contribution to Israeli society in general, and the philanthropic sector in particular.

In Israel, as opposed to many countries in the world, fundraisers have no professional organization representing them.

The Non-Profit Registrar’s office in the Ministry of Justice is responsible for the non-profit organizations, but not for the professional behavior of those who solicit funding, both public and private.

Because there is no professional organization, there are no compulsory professional behavioral standards, codes of conduct, ethical standards and the like.

Every business sector in Israel has a professional organization that works on behalf of those in the field.

We are now in the process of filing the paperwork necessary with the Non-Profit Registrar in order to become an official non-profit. The registration process is not very expensive, but the ongoing expenses for the first year will require an investment on your part.

Therefore, this is our request of you: we want your opinion, and to know your willingness to invest of your time to discuss the questions: creating a code of ethics, creating a declaration of rights for donors, strategic planning, etc.

Please fill out the questionnaire in order to help us understand better our professional needs in the field.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Founding Members