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10 Questions Every Blogger Should Ask Themselves Before Posting

To help you in these crucial editing stages, we thought we would lay down some important questions bloggers can ask themselves so they can make an honest, constructive and critical appraisal of their work before posting it up for the world to see. Asking these simple questions could mean the difference between a hastily written blog article that remains obscure and a well-written, influential and accessible blog that courts a loyal audience with ease.

  1. How quickly can my readers understand what my post is about?
  2. Does my blog offer something novel or unexpected?
  3. How helpful is my content?
  4. Why should my readers trust me?
  5. Does my content speak to people on a human level?
  6. Is my post easy to read and scroll through?
  7. Does my content cover what needs to be discussed or answered?
  8. Am I revealing enough information about my topic?
  9. Am I fulfilling my readers’ expectations?
  10. Am I reaching out for support?


for the complete post by web strategist and blogger Damien Van Vroenhoven click here

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