Connecting Generations

Many of our past posts, and many yet to come, focus on the Millennials; their innovative projects, their opportunities, and how (as we alluded to since day 1) they are shaking up and remaking our Jewish world.

But who is this generation?

Born from 1980 through 2000, they are the first generation to grow up surrounded by digital media. “They’re the ‘Babies on Board’ of the early Reagan years, the ‘Have You Hugged Your Child Today’ sixth graders of the early Clinton years and the teens of Columbine” (Neil Howe and William Strauss, Millennials Rising; Vintage Books).

As the radio was to their grandparents, the television to their parents, and the computer to older siblings, this generation will be forever identified by the Internet.

  • Their Outlook: hopeful
  • Their Work Ethic: ambitious; the Compelling Message: Be smart – you are special
  • Their View of Authority: relaxed, polite; the Compelling Message: leave no one behind
  • Leadership by: collaboration; the Compelling Message: Connect 24/7
  • Relationships: loyal; the Compelling Message: Achieve now!
  • Perspective: civic; the Compelling Message: Serve your community

They have been shaped by numerous outside influences: a focus on children and family; scheduled and structured lives; and the ism’s: multiculturalism; terrorism and globalism (just to name a few).

They want role models as leaders; want to be challenged with new learning opportunities; insist on their ideas being considered; and want flexibility in their lives and their workplace.

If as an organization you design specific techniques for recruiting, managing and motivating Millennials, you will win out. You will secure the best talent and have your fingers on the pulse of this new and influential generation.

thanks to Claire Raines and her presentation at AFP’s Dallas Conference