Conference Will Bring Social Entrepreneurs Together in Israel

The first Social Entrepreneur Exchange international conference (S.E.E. Israel) will take place between 13th – 17th August in Jerusalem.

Bringing social innovators from around the world to Israel to create a platform for change, S.E.E. Israel is the first exposure of its kind to social activism within Israel.

S.E.E. Israel will take the shape of a four day conference, during which participants will listen to lectures, meet with experts and fellow innovators in the field of social entrepreneurship and will visit local social enterprises and view them in action. The conference will host approximately 40 social entrepreneurs and representatives of organizations from around the world; people who are prominent young citizens, from organizations that are leading the way in offering innovative and proven solutions to problems faced by civil society, social activists and people with significant influence within their respective companies.

The conference is the first exposure of its kind to social action within Israel, and a rare opportunity to showcase Israel’s culture, landscapes and other aspects of Israel not typically seen.

S.E.E. Israel will provide participants with the tools to expand their professional knowledge in the field of social entrepreneurship, supply a platform for exchanging ideas, create an environment in which the work of social leaders from around the world can be recognized, and allow people to experience together, create together and collaborate in the future.

The Conference has been designed by a select group of students from the Hebrew University, working together as part of public diplomacy training program on behalf of StandWithUs.

Additional information can be found on the S.E.E. Israel website.