Claims Conference Negotiates $600m Agreement for Homecare and Pensions

The Claims Conference has negotiated with the German government for historic successive increases in funding for homecare for Holocaust victims and for significant changes in its pension programs.

In annual negotiations with the German Ministry of Finance on April 4, the Claims Conference obtained a multi-year commitment for homecare funding. For 2012, the German government will provide €126.7 million (approximately $177 million); in 2013, €136.7 million (approximately $191 million); and in 2014, €140 million (approximately $196 million), for vital homecare services for Jewish Holocaust victims living around the world. This totals €403 million (approximately $564 million).

The amount for 2012 is a 15 percent increase over the €110 million negotiated for 2011. This long-term agreement provides survivors and the agencies that care for them the certainty that funding will be available to address the anticipated growing demand over the next few years. Additional survivors can receive assistance and extra hours can be provided to those who need it.

The Claims Conference will allocate the German government money to agencies around the world that provide in-home nursing and vital help with basic activities of daily living such as eating, dressing, bathing and other services that greatly ease the lives of elderly Holocaust victims and enable them to remain living in their own homes.

For 2011, in total, the Claims Conference is allocating approximately $270 million for services to Nazi victims in 46 countries. Services from other sources of allocations include hunger relief, medical aid, winter assistance, transportation, help in applying for government benefits and socialization opportunities to relieve loneliness.