Chol HaMoed in Review, II

from the world of philanthropy:

eNonProfit Benchmarks Study

In the for-profit world, the bottom line is easy to measure — it comes down to dollars and cents. For nonprofit organizations, success is more difficult to define. How many people were educated? Informed? Served? Engaged? Activated? How much money was raised? Did legislative policy change? Corporate policy? Public opinion?

Gossip Influences Generosity

A new study at an Irish university suggests that gossip influences generosity.

Leadership Without A Safety Net

The Spring issue of Non-Profit Quarterly is out; titled “Leadership Without a Safety Net”. Their focus in this issue is “to draw readers away from the emphasis on strategic career development and towards a focus on leading for impact and effectiveness.”

Making A Case for Social Media Marketing

Regular visitors to eJewish Philanthropy know we believe strongly in the use of social media / social networking within our non-profit world. There are many variations for an organization to choose from; no “one size fits all” approach. Hopefully, we are encouraging you to consider the various possibilities available and pointing you in some useful directions. Also, in speaking about Social Media Marketing, a second post, Facebook Publishes Insider’s Guide to Viral Marketing

The Trouble With Percentage Commissions

Paying a fundraiser a commission is a controversial issue. Many professional organizations ban the practice outright in their Codes of Ethics. Here in Israel, while such is also the practice among professional fundraisers, every week advertisements appear for commission based positions in parts of our fundraising community.