Change Is In the Air at JAFI

Writing in this mornings Jerusalem Post, Haviv Rettig updates us on Zeevik’s likely return to politics:

As Kadima enlists Bielski, talk about replacing him begins

As Kadima looks to enlist Jewish Agency chairman Zeev Bielski to its Knesset list in the upcoming national elections, the Jewish Agency rumor mill has begun churning as to possible contenders for replacing the former Ra’anana mayor.

“Right now I am responsible to the duties I took upon myself [as chairman of the] Jewish Agency,” said Bielski, admitting only that he was “consulting with my friends in the leadership of the agency.” He said he would make the decision in the coming days.

Already rumors have started about possible contenders to replace the chairman, with the most common name being Kadima’s Housing and Construction Minister Ze’ev Boim, who expressed interest in the position when Sallai Meridor vacated it in 2005 to become Israeli ambassador to Washington.

update: The UJC’s Nachman Shai announced a few hours ago he will join Kadima. At today’s faction meeting he said, “this time, I decided I am ready to come down from the stands, and enter the field. I’ve been involved in what’s going on in many different capacities, but now I’ve decided that it was time for me to become a player.”

We understand he will be leaving the UJC following the upcoming GA.