Capture the Passion

This summer’s cohort at PresenTense Global Summer Institute included several fellows whose ventures directly touch the world of philanthropy. Here’s a look at four projects recently launched:

from St. Petersburg, Russia, Zoia Kolton:

A native of Russia, Zoia discovered her roots after the collapse of the USSR. As a child, she was an inaugural member of Adain Lo, a Jewish Family Center. Zoia is launching 3D Philanthropy, whose goal is to create a new cluster of young Jewish leaders who could financially and organizationally support the St. Petersburg Jewish community.

Zoia on 3D Philanthropy one year from now: “I hope that 3D events will become a part of the social calendar of Jewish young professionals, and that beig a part of an advisory committee for 3D Philanthropy will be something people would line up for.”

from Montevideo, Uruguay, Ricardo Szyfer:

Ricardo currently studies systems engineering at Universidad ORT Uruguay. In addition to being a student, he also teaches data structures and algorithims at the university. An active member of the Hillel Tzedek, Ricardo is launching Conta Conmigo, an online community that will connect people and provide more opportunities to help their society. Interested participants will be able to donate money, materials, or time to the given initiative to make it happen.

Ricardo on his inspiration to Innovate: “New things can be done every day, and finding what can be done to improve our lives is a challenge that I’m willing to take on.”

from Jerusalem, Israel, Ben Weiner:

Ben, a graduate of Columbia Law School and Yeshiva University, specializes in private equity transactions and business development. He is launching Tenpartners, where the “power of ten” leverages grass-roots activism, technology and financial sustainability to help a new generation of local lay leaders enrich their local Jewish communities through innovative Jewish programs and events.

Ben, on his vision for the future of PresenTense: “PT is a lightning rod for creative and innovative social entrepreneurs. I see PT continuing to blaze new trails in helping a new generation of Jewish social entrepreneurs launch their ventures.”

and from Philadelphia, Pa., David Gloss:

David, an active social entrepreneur and strategy professional, has a background in business consulting and venture capital. He’s currently launching Here’s My Chance, a platform of games and applications that help organizations run successful awareness and fundraising campaigns. The first application is an interactive video tool that allows organizations to harness the power of personal participation in a way that activates previously untapped supporter networks.

David, on his inspiration to Innovate: “Technologically, things change and evolve so rapidly and it allows the entrepreneur to propose which direction these technologies will go. From just living, having a clear mind, a good heart, and a passion to see the world be a better place, inspiration comes daily.”

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