Calling all Entrepreneurs

Do you have a project you’ve been dying to launch? Are you a socially-minded pioneer who wants to create value for the Jewish People and the world? Or are you a hacker who wants to spend a summer in Israel at an incubator and bring your project to market? If the answer is yes, consider the PresenTense Institute for pioneers — a six-week, intensive inter-disciplinary launchpad for socially-minded entrepreneurs running this summer from June 23rd until August 3rd in Jerusalem, bringing together innovators from the fields of hi-tech, business, social action, education and the arts. Read more about the Institute below or here and Apply today.

The PresenTense Institute for Creative Zionism is dedicated to enriching the Jewish People and the culture of Jerusalem through the training and equipping of socially-minded pioneers in the fields of hi-tech, education, social action, and the arts. The Institute engages Jewish pioneers on multiple levels, providing fellowship opportunities to entrepreneurs, open-to-the-public lectures on topics affecting the Jewish here and now, and workshops for up-and-coming leaders in the third sector from Israel and around the world. In the summer of 2007, 18 fellows were accepted, 12 projects were launched from across the disciplines, and six projects are seeing early success less than half-a-year since graduation.

Read about one project, Kid Tested, Rabbi Approved