Billionaire Philanthropist Plans Pro-Israel News Channel

Alexander Mashkevitch, a businessman with major holdings in Kazakhstan, plans to launch an international Jewish information and news network version of Al-Jazeera.

The project’s aim should be “to provide truthful information about Israel” and “counterwork to attempts of delegitimizing the Jewish state”.

Mashkevitch stated, “I am convinced that the main instruments, which extends and strengthens the trend of delegitimizing of the Jewish state, are well-established information resources. In the XXI century media evil can only be countered by means of media.

Therefore, I consider it necessary to establish a strong international Jewish media resource. The convincing sample of the pro-Arab media resource Al Jazeera shows us a possibility of such a decision. Are we not able to build something pro-Israeli, which will be no less effective?”

Mashkevitch, who serves as the president of the Euro Asian Jewish Congress, made the announcement yesterday at the Washington DC International Leadership Reunion. He is #287 on the Forbes list of billionaires and holds both Kazakh and Israeli citizenship.