Bikkurim Taps “Rabba” for Incubator Support

from The Jewish Week:

Yeshivat Maharat Gets ‘Seal Of Approval’

As the controversy surrounding Sara Hurwitz’s designation as “rabba” continues to swirl in the wake of her being named to Newsweek’s “50 Most Influential Rabbis in America” list, news that the yeshiva she runs to train Orthodox women as spiritual and halachic leaders has been chosen to get financial and nonprofit development support from the incubator Bikkurim was undoubtedly comforting.

… In addition to Yeshivat Maharat, Bikkurim also announced that it would support the Jewish Meditation Center, a Brooklyn-based meditation center that offers weekly programming, such as walking meditations across the Brooklyn Bridge. Both Yeshivat Maharat and the Brooklyn Meditation Center are women-run start-ups that are finishing their first full year of operation.