Big Money’s Influence

We bring you these three articles, two of which are from the mainstream international media, as they all pose questions that need to be asked in our world of Jewish philanthropy, regardless of who sits in the Prime Minister’s office. This is neither a discussion of politics or the law. Both of which are topics we will stay away from on this blog.

from the New York Jewish Week:

Financial Questions for Olmert’s Charity

New Jerusalem Foundation never spent a significant amount of funds raised in American South for Israeli terror victims in 2002.

from Reuters:

EXCLUSIVE-How Israeli PM wooed, and lost, Christian dollars

An Israeli investigation into fraud and corruption has turned a spotlight on how Ehud Olmert, when mayor of Jerusalem, raised funds from rich American Jews.

Less in view have been fruitful financial ties Olmert enjoyed with evangelical Christians in the United States, a relationship that became strained after the prime minister launched talks with Palestinians that could return parts of Jerusalem to Arab rule.

from the Associated Press:

Olmert’s woes raise questions of ties to US Jews

While Israel has had close ties with the U.S. Jewish community throughout its history, some wealthy American donors have extended their influence to Israel’s halls of power, crossing what many Israelis see as a red line.