Back to Basics

In reviewing the survey results I wrote about yesterday, there are a few key comments that showed up consistently. You’ll recognize most; they fall under the heading of Fundraising 101. Key concepts we all know, but to often forget.

  • Remind donors they are wanted, needed and appreciated. Invest time, intelligence and money in massively improving the donor experience with your organization.
  • Make sure donors who do withdraw their support for economic reasons are still communicated with and are being shown appreciation. Most will return IF ASKED when times get better.
  • Do what you are good at better, retain your strengths, cut your losses and seize new opportunities (lower media costs as an example).
  • Demonstrate value for money – consistently and across all activities.
  • Engage the public in other “non financial” ways with your organization through advocacy, signing up to e-newsletters, etc. This will give you a new and greater pool of warm prospects after the crisis subsides.
  • Look after legacy donors more and better than ever.
  • Do not stop investing in fundraising. You should spend more in the areas where it delivers the biggest ROI.
  • This economic crisis is a wake up call for fundraisers to develop new and effective ways of fundraising. We need to step up fundraising R&D and break through especially on new e-fundraising initiatives. Community fundraising in particular needs to embrace Internet 2.0 and create new fundraising communities.
  • Stay front and center with your supporters.
  • You can’t do anything about the economy so stay calm, stay on message and stay positive!

And lastly, again, it’s about the donors:

look after existing donors extremely well – appreciate if they can’t offer support at the same level as in the past but know that they’ll see you through tough times.