Avi Chai Foundation Releases Year 4 Spend-down Report

The AVI CHAI Foundation has released the next installment in Professor Joel Fleishman’s annual report series on the Foundation’s spend-down.

Since 2010, Joel Fleishman, Professor of Law and Public Policy Studies at Duke University, has documented how the spend-down has influenced AVI CHAI’s grantmaking in its three regions of operation: Israel, North America and the former Soviet Union.

Fleishman’s report on 2012 activities provides an update on AVI CHAI’s work on building grantee capacities towards long-term sustainability and impact. It also chronicles the related work of identifying funding partners and opportunities for program co-creation and collaboration. In the past years, Joel Fleishman has conducted interviews with staff members and Trustees. More than two years into the partnership-building work, Professor Fleishman spent significant time interviewing funding partners about the impact of the Foundation’s transition from a “go it alone” foundation to one focused on partnership and collaboration.

Previous year reports can be found here.