Available Now, Text Learning Resource for Seder Conversations – “And You Shall Ask”: The Power of Questioning” – from the Global Day of Jewish Learning

At Passover “The Four Questions” are a central part of our seders. Why are questions so important in the telling of the Exodus story? In true Jewish form, let’s ask questions about the questions. We invite you to enjoy this resource, which includes the writings and commentaries of Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz. One of the most powerful forms of speech is asking questions, which informs our choice of “Speaking Volumes” as the study theme for the 2019 Global Day of Jewish Learning. Asking questions, both prescribed and spontaneous, connects each of us to that process of history in deeper ways. This guide offers new ways of questioning and listening to the wisdom of Jewish texts. Download it FREE now at http://www.theglobalday.org/Passover. The guide is also available in Russian and Spanish.

The 2019 Global Day theme of “Speaking Volumes” serves as a lens to help us focus on new aspects of Jewish texts that we turn and return to each year. From ancient arguments to modern meanings, from raising our voices to remaining silent, we will explore how and why words matter. On November 17th, hundreds of communities across the continents will take part in this exploration and unite through study of our shared texts. Visit theGlobalDay.org for more ways to have conversations with Jewish texts and put your community on the map.