Au Revoir Nashville

The Jewish Week got it. So did Gary Rosenblatt and Haviv Rettig.

As Gary wrote, “Whether out of pragmatism, devotion or desperation — or a combination of all three — the leadership of UJC, the Jewish federation movement of North America, chose to feature the next generation at this GA, front and center.” Judging from the multitude of comments heard over several days, this was the right decision. Because despite the anxiety of the baby boomer generation, this new generation wants and deserves an equal seat at the table.

So, as we move away from the GA, some random and final comments picked up in various sessions and hallways in Nashville:

“…great young talent here at the GA…” (Joe Kanfer, UJC Board Chair)

“Definitely lots of hip, young, hot Jewish entrepreneurs, professionals and lay leaders here. I am very happy to see the NEXT GEN leading sessions at the GA. Gotta love all this innovation and initiatives to think outside of the box to truly make a difference in the Jewish world. (Danielle Rubinstein, Federation YLD Professional, Orlando, FL)

“…Israel experiences are uniquely Jewish even when secular…” (Leah Stern, IBA correspondent)

and lastly, “…the Federation is afraid of donor poaching by these new innovators…” (former Federation professional)

If you missed it this year, mark your calendars and call El Al.

Celebrate Israel’s 60th year @
The General Assembly in Israel
November 16-19 2008