Association of Small Foundations Changing its Name to Exponent Philanthropy

The Association of Small Foundations is changing its name to Exponent Philanthropy. While remaining a membership association at the center of the largest segment of philanthropy – those who work with few or no staff – Exponent Philanthropy is expanding its reach to empower the growing cross-section of philanthropists, including foundations, high-net-worth individuals, donor-advised fund holders, giving circles and others, who are choosing to give big while keeping operations lean, regardless of the giving vehicle.

  • Estimated member assets: $71.4 billion
  • Members give over 200,000 grants worth an estimated $4 billion annually
  • Top funding areas: Education, Human Services, Health, Arts & Culture and the Environment
  • Members give locally, nationally and internationally with 67% of grant dollars benefitting local communities

Membership is open to all individuals and organizations that give annually to more than one recipient, including those who use foundations, donor-advised funds, giving circles and other giving vehicles to carry out their philanthropy.