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from The Chronicle of Philanthropy:

A Flurry of Last-Minute Giving Lifted Charities’ Holiday Appeals

Envelopes are still being unsealed and checks processed, but early indications suggest that December brought mixed results for charity fund raising.

… A comparison of two polls conducted by The Chronicle of Philanthropy also suggests that donors may be waiting longer to give. A third of the nearly 400 nonprofit groups that responded to a poll in mid-December said donations since November were higher than they had been at the same time in 2008.

Of 181 charities polled in early January, 48 percent said giving rose this holiday season.

Twenty-five of groups said giving had declined by at least 10 percent this holiday, while roughly 30 percent said it had increased by at least 10 percent.

from Too Busy to Fundraise:

Business? As usual…

The question that is too often asked is: Why is it so hard for organizations to understand that they must be run as a business? Rather, I think, we should questions why is it so hard for them to understand that they must be well run with careful oversight and clarity as to what is needed to accomplish their mission? We would then get closer to the issue at hand for many (not all) nonprofits.

The biggest problem I see is a lack of balance in organizations who do not want to invest in building the infrastructure (which includes IT, Accounting and yes, Advancement – marketing, fundraising, government relations) to support the programs that are their purpose. And by investment I mean money, resources and commitment.

Too often, administration and fundraising are seen as orthogonal to the organization rather than as true partners who can ensure that the programs have a strong foundation on which to rest. And way too often, we look at our funders and donors as the enemy rather than our partners.

from Cause Global:

Social Enterprise 2010

Donating cash “will become less important than giving voice, giving time, giving influence, and giving work.”

from Jonathon Grapsas’ blog:

Thank you

Thank, thank and thank again. A simple mantra to live and breathe.

Here are 10 key things to play back to yourself when saying thank you…