Are You Keeping Your Web Visitors?

You finally scored a Web site visitor. But how do you prevent that visitor from clicking away? John Kenyon, nonprofit technology consultant and educator, explained how to create an effective Web site at NTEN’s 2009 Nonprofit Technology Conference.

Here are four tips to help you start:

  • Think of your audiences. Donors aren’t the only people visiting your site – no matter how much you might wish. Let your site speak to a range of audiences, such as prospects, activists and community leaders. Think about breaking down your site in different sections, like a separate tab for media.
  • Bring content online. Do you have printed materials such as invitations or reports? See if the printed materials can be posted online in a downloadable format or if the information would be better online in another form.
  • Collect email addresses. The key is getting further engagement from your visitors. Try to incorporate an email sign-up box on every page of your site. Ask permission to email and then follow through. Remember – no SPAM.
  • Easy to read. People usually don’t read every word (just like you probably jumped to this parenthesis) on your page. Kenyon recommends highlighting keywords, using bulleted lists and allowing one idea per paragraph. Cut your text in half and repeat. Offer links within the text to allow deeper engagement within the site.

courtesy The NonProfit Times