American Jewish Philanthropy
c. 2001

The October / November 2001 issue of Sh’ma featured a deep dive into the world of American Jewish Philanthropy. 19 individuals – professionals and lay leaders – contributed essays examining the differences between philanthropy and tzedakah.

As was Sh’ma’s practice at the time, the publication was printed and delivered by snail mail to subscribers, including many synagogue libraries around the U.S.

Now, for the first-time and in cooperation with Sh’ma, the entire issue is available as individual articles on the web.

In reading, what will strike the reader is how many of these articles could have been written today, not 17 years ago. We hope all our readers will benefit from this reach back in time. And we thank Sh’ma for sharing their archives with us.

Note: The bio lines attached to the articles reflect the bio of the authors at time of original publication (2001).

Sharna Goldseker: Being the Next Generation
Jeremy Burton: Philanthropic Responsibility and Obligation
Lisa Farber Miller: The Challenge of the New Philanthropy
Elliot N. Dorff: Judaism and Philanthropy
Laura Lauder: Venture Philanthropy and Jewish Education
A Conversation Between Sandy Cardin and Michael Steinhardt: Reinvigorating Jewish Community
Barry Shrage: Expanding Options in an Expanding Community
Barbara B. Dobkin & Nancy Schwartz Sternoff: Women and Philanthropy
David Altshuler: “Remember CHAI” : Thoughts about Jewish Philanthropy
Richard A. Marker: Hubris & Humility: Four Lessons in Philanthropy
Jennie Rosenn: Deepening our Tzedakah
Mordechai Liebling: Tzedakah Collectives
David Rosenn, Jason Soloway, Bruce Whizin
and Ira Kaminow: NiSh’ma
Yosef I. Abramowitz: Speaking Nonprofit Truth to Philanthropic Power: 10+1 Commandments