A Little Bit of Sderot in Washington Square Park

The Bomb Shelter in Washington Square Park will be modeled after this one in Sderot, Israel.

from crainsnewyork.com:

Art will imitate terror in Washington Square Park

Passersby in Washington Square Park on Monday may encounter a terrifying situation.

A group of nonprofits that support Israel have created an immersive multimedia exhibit called The Bomb Shelter, in an attempt to give New Yorkers a taste of the terrorism fears that many Israelis live with on a daily basis.

… The bomb shelter will be decorated with work by graffiti artists from New York, and will include pictures made by the children of Sderot. After New York, The Bomb Shelter exhibit will travel across the country to college campuses. Birthright Israel Alumni Community, a group of people who have gone on the free “Birthright” trips to Israel, is funding the project for an undisclosed amount.