A Grassroots Approach to Building Jewish Community

The Jewish community has done an incredible job of building infrastructure to support one another in huge variety of ways. From preschools to older adult programs, High School youth group, college campus organizations, seniors homes, etc the Jewish community has certainly established wonderful Jewish communities throughout the world. But what about Jewish life after college? What has the Jewish community done to support its community once someone has graduated college but is not yet ready to start a family or join a synagogue?

Moishe House, founded by Morris B. Squire and David Cygielman in 2006, is especially poised to answer this question in a unique way.

an editorial by Gary Rosenblatt from The New York Jewish Week:

The 25 Houses Of Moishe, And Counting

“Establishment organizations should take note of a little-known but international phenomenon in communal living among Jewish twentysomethings called Moishe House.

Professional executives and big-time philanthropists would be wise to explore, especially now, how a tiny operation could have such a wide reach, touching Jewish lives in important ways while spending relatively little money.

And the key may simply be to trust and empower the right young people to determine how they want to express their Jewishness, and pay close attention to the results.”

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