A Conversation Begins

Idealism. Digital fluency. Immersion in social causes. Each attribute is essential to bringing about positive, lasting change. So imagine what can be accomplished when all three combine.

That’s the idea behind Social Citizens (Beta), a new discussion paper from the Case Foundation about the potential impact of the Millennial Generation on the civic landscape.

The report asserts that this younger generation has great new ideas for using technology and modern communications to help further the missions of non-profit organizations and advocacy groups.

The key: organizations need to adjust their strategies to be able to more effectively communicate with members of this generation.

The study was authored by social entrepreneur and writer Allison Fine, the keynote speaker at next Thursday’s JCSA’s 2008 Annual Program, LINKED: Maximizing technology for the future of the Jewish community.

The Social Citizens Study is available for download here, on the far right side, and as a streaming document (iPaper) on the Social Citizens Blog.