8 Ideas for Making Your Program Fundable

No grantmaking organization will bestow money on a project that is worthless. There are so many that are worthwhile, however, that funders can have difficulty selecting those that have real merit.

One way of getting attention is to prove to supporters the value of your project. In her book, “How to Say It: Grantwriting,” Deborah S. Koch suggests striving for not just a fundable project, but also a highly fundable one.

She suggests the following elements to elevate a project’s appeal to grantmakers:

  • Funding your project will benefit many people who are in need. Funders want to change the world for the better.
  • Your work will be done collaboratively with other parts of your organization or with community partners such a schools, local government, nonprofit and community groups or businesses.
  • Your project is inclusive of those you seek to help, in planning, direction or execution.
  • Your organization has made its own investment in the project.
  • Your project will leverage other investments in your project.
  • What you propose is novel, is a new way of looking at things and shows exciting promise.
  • The outcomes of your work are replicable, so other organizations can adopt the approach and methodology.
  • You can demonstrate that the work will be continued after the grant has ended.

courtesy NonProfit Times