62 New Social Ventures Launch in 15 Days

Beginning tonight, sixty-four social entrepreneurs from around the world will showcase their 62 ventures during PresenTense’s Launch Nights in Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Neta Korin, founder of Bakery 29, presents her case study to 2011 Tel Aviv fellows.

Since 2007, PresenTense’s Community Entrepreneur Partnerships have inspired and trained young up-and-coming leaders to be the change-makers in their communities, and engage local community members from diverse fields as mentors, teachers, advisers, and supporters. Throughout the five-month-long program, Fellows learn the necessary skills to transform their innovative ideas into sustainable ventures. Local business leaders, nonprofit professionals, and industry executives volunteer their time and expertise to teach cutting-edge business and entrepreneurship theory, and also serve as mentors and coaches to guide the fellows in their quests.

Adam Scheldt, a PresenTense New York Fellow, said that the most valuable aspect of his Fellowship was the PresenTense community itself. The New York Fellowship was able to bring together, “so much talent, collective experience, and excitement,” enabling him to reap, “the benefits from the interaction of so many worthy people.”

The Launch Nights will take place in five cities in the United States and Israel: Philadelphia (May 19), New York City (May 25), Boston (May 26), Tel Aviv (May 30) and Jerusalem (June 2). Interested individuals can request an invitation to their local Launch Night at presentense.org/cep/launch-night-request. While at the event, they are encouraged to contribute ideas and connections to help Fellows succeed in their ventures. Those who cannot attend in person, can take part by watching the live-streamed event on the PresenTense website and share their ideas online.