26 Israeli and Global Nonprofits Receive Genesis Prize Grants to “Speak Out for Israel”

Twenty-six Israeli and international nonprofit organizations will receive funding as part of Speak Out for Israel, a global campaign to promote a true narrative of Israel and counteract efforts to delegitimize the Jewish State.

Funding for the grants comes from the $1 million Genesis Prize, awarded to American philanthropist and owner of the New England Patriots football team Robert Kraft.

Kraft and GPF were joined by Concert-Together for Israel Ltd., a funding platform supporting the pro-Israel community of nonprofit organizations who are dedicated to promoting a positive perception of Israel. Concert, which made a major donation to the grant pool, is a partnership between the State of Israel and pro-Israel groups around the world. It is funded by a group of various independent philanthropists from around the world and matched by the Government of Israel.

As part of the Speak Out for Israel initiative, NGOs will execute advocacy and awareness campaigns to engage international audiences, including officials and diplomats, legislators, reporters, activists, students, members of the academia and the arts community. Grantee organizations will expand their work with Jews in the Diaspora, volunteers in developing countries, and engagement with communities prone to anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish bias.

Many of the grantee organizations have adapted their strategies to respond to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and the spike in anti-Semitic sentiment that accompanies it.

A list of projects and organizations set to receive funding can be found here.