21 More Foundations/Charities Sued by Madoff Trustee

At least twenty-one additional foundations and charities have had suits filed against them by Irving Picard, the court-appointed trustee in the Madoff bankruptcy case.

  1. Jack Parker Foundation
  2. The Murray & Irene Pergament Foundation
  3. Melvin B. Nessel Foundation
  4. Albert H. Small Charitable Remainder Unitrust
  5. Pulver Family Foundation
  6. H. Schaffer Foundation
  7. Joseph Persky Foundation
  8. The Celeste and Adam Bartos Charitable Trust
  9. Miles and Shirley Fiterman Charitable Foundation
  10. Miles and Shirley Fiterman Endowment Fund for Digestive Diseases
  11. The Lou and Harry Stern Family Foundation
  12. Architectural Body Research Foundation
  13. The Phileona Foundation
  14. Lebanese American University
  15. The Mittlemann Family Foundation
  16. Jesselton Foundation
  17. Chesed Congregations of America
  18. Lucerne Foundation
  19. Lewis W. Bernard 1995 Charitable Remainder Trust
  20. Potemkin Family Foundation
  21. Queensgate Foundation

For other filings, see our post The Madoff Saga: Two Years Later.