2030: The Recommendations

The Recommendations2030: Alternative Futures for the Jewish People

The authors’ opinion is that the Jewish People has never been as strong as it is today, in terms of both the military power and global standing of Israel, and the ‘soft power’ embedded in the political and economic powers of the Jewish community in the US. Cyberspace has contributed significantly to Jewish development, using innovative information and communication technologies that have enhanced communication between the State of Israel and Diaspora communities, between various Jewish organizations, and among Jewish individuals around the world. The vast majority of Jews reside in the world’s wealthiest countries. Although, in terms of numbers the Jewish People has not yet recovered from the Holocaust, in other major respects it has demonstrated survivability and vitality, in particular, the creation of a sovereign nation – a guarantor of existence – in its ancient homeland for the first time since the destruction of the Second Temple.

Nevertheless, the Jewish People continues to be in a unique situation unprecedented in other nations. Dangers of many kinds threaten it, and under specific scenarios, these dangers could bring about a future the paper defines as “nightmare.” In this scenario, the lack of action, apathy and systemic failure of the Jewish People combine with worsening external conditions to cause significant damage to Jewish life as a collective as well as to Jews as individuals.

The main recommendations of the authors, addressed to the Government of Israel, the leaders of Jewish organizations and the Jewish People leadership are:

  • To develop an attractive and durable/enduring Jewish identity, especially among the younger generations, and to enhance the relative standing of Israel in terms of human development indices.
  • Regarding Aliyah, the state should adopt a friendly policy towards Jews who are willing to divide their time between Israel and their country of origin. It is urgent that forms of “multi-local Aliyah” be developed, to accommodate those who wish to have more than one place of residence, in Israel and abroad.
  • To promote a comprehensive peace agreement in the Middle East, with the support of Islamic countries, the US and the majority of the world’s nations.
  • To initiate “Tikkun Olam” enterprises by the Jewish People – projects that, among other things, upgrade the Jewish People’s soft power and global standing.
  • To invest in improving Israel’s relative standing in the world, aspiring to turn it into a model country, and to create a Jewish quality of life that would be competitive with other locations in the world in general, and in the West in particular.
  • To develop new forms of cooperation between Israel and the Jewish communities around the globe based on partnerships and joint ventures.
  • To work towards promoting young leaders within the Jewish People; Jewish organizations must offer the younger generation a larger role to play.
  • To establish a Jewish Leadership Academy for the training and support of emerging leaders.

The complete report, 2030 Alternative Futures for the Jewish People, is available to download.

The introduction, the executive summary and the main recommendations, are all posted with permission.