$100m. JNF Boruchin Israel Education Advocacy Center Opens

The Jewish National Fund has created the JNF Boruchin Israel Education Advocacy Center to focus on Israel and Zionist educational programming. The Center is designed to be one of the most powerful new initiatives in the Jewish world. Initial funding comes from a $100 million distribution from the Boruchin Family Estate.

The Center will concentrate its resources on advocating for Israel, Israel education in the Diaspora, and countering the BDS movement, all with the goal of strengthening the connection of all Americans to the land and people of Israel. The center, administered within JNF, was created as a result of an estate gift of the late John and Dora Boruchin of California. No previous bequest has ever funded such a bold initiative to promote and develop Zionist education on this magnitude.

The JNF Boruchin Israel Education Advocacy Center, managed by a committee appointed by JNF President Jeffrey E. Levine and approved by JNF’s Board of Directors, will function within the JNF structure. It will fund new innovative projects in partnership with individuals, foundations, and other nonprofit and non-governmental organizations based on their commitments to match funds on a multi-year basis.