‘Scary’ Time For Jewish Nonprofits

from the New York Jewish Week:

Groups are cutting back in staff, programming but major retrenchment not seen.

Financial headlines are heralding hard times and Jewish newspaper headlines are, too…

Some venerable Jewish nonprofits and programs are closing their doors completely…

Big picture, what’s going on here? Do these shakeups and retrenchments herald a major contraction in the Jewish not-for-profit world? Or are they mere blips on a graph of the upward growth that so many Jewish organizations like to tout?

“It’s scary out there,” says Mark Charendoff, president of the Jewish Funders Network…

“Whether you’re speaking to people in the not-for-profit world or for-profit world it’s a time when people are nervous, and for good reason,” Charendoff said. “There’s a lot of uncertainty. The difference is that the not-for-profit Jewish world is just so small, and at times like this you realize just how small.”

Others say that the recent retrenchments have less to do with the economy and more to do with the struggles of Jewish organizations to adapt to changing times.

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