Permanent Giving for Endowment Purposes, our Expectations for the Future and Suggestions for Success


By Joseph C. Imberman [Part 2; Part 1 is here] Permanent giving for unrestricted purposes, or the holy grail of endowments for those who solicit has become an almost distant memory in our world. Jewish donors give on a completely unrestricted basis almost solely in their estate plans and when they have not had the benefit of counsel. The Annual campaign of the [federation] system has no more than 1-2% invested and permanently on the shelf. In addition there may be several billion dollars in pipeline commitments through our PACE, LOJE, and Create a Jewish Legacy (CJL) programs. CJL, our most recent and proudest achievement encourages legacy participation, but does little on a national basis to help the donor focus, preferring to encourage local donor centered philanthropy, another holy grail of … [Read more...]

Growing the Capacity of Endowment Development to meet Needs in the Jewish Federation System

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By Joseph C. Imberman The purpose of this piece is to provide basic information on the status of our endowment programs within the federation system and to encourage greater focus and attention by leadership to growing this crucial revenue stream for federations and to the utility of individual donors. In 2013 the JFNA’s annual endowment survey reported that total assets under management in the 151 federated communities was approximately 16 billion dollars. Those same entities distributed 1.4 billion in grants in that year. 2014 data should be published later this year after JFNA reexamines the way in which it collects and reports the information. Endowment development in the Jewish federation system is the product of a long and distinguished history and has been one of the most productive … [Read more...]

Who is Rabbi Shteinman and Why Should The Jewish Agency’s Donors Be Concerned?

Rabbi Aaron Yehuda Leib Shteinman

The Jewish Agency, in violation of their own governance policies, is funding anti-Zionist and anti-government MASA programs. Sitting at the top of The Jewish Agency's governance structure, even above the Board of Governors, is the Assembly. Comprised of up to 518 members apportioned similarly to the Board, the Assembly (though meeting only annually) is the prime decider of overarching policy matters. Historically, their debates involved serious ideological and political issues relating to the nature of Zionism, the structure of the Jewish Agency, internal Israeli politics, the understanding of the Israel Diaspora relationship and more. Back in the mid-80's, the US Federation world (UIA, UJA, CJF) and Keren Hayesod leadership, charged with doing due diligence of the charitable funds they … [Read more...]

A National Catalyst for Jewish Education

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By Marcie Orley When we ask our local Federations what is most important to them - what the single highest priority is for their communities - the response is nearly unanimous. Across North America, local leaders know that nothing is more important than the success of Jewish education. Local Federations reflect this by devoting 30 to 50 percent of their domestic budgets to education, which is either their top or second largest area to which they allocate funds. In this prioritization, they are heirs to centuries-old traditions of making learning a central focus of Jewish life. Each Federation community proudly has talented, passionate, and caring teachers and administrators engaged with students and families in synagogues, day schools, camps, special education programs, and other informal … [Read more...]

The Jewish Federation System: A Conversation for the Future

By Denis Braham and Lee Wunsch For more than 100 years, the Jewish Federations have been at the epicenter of the most significant events in the modern history of the Jewish people. From the birth and nascent years of the State of Israel through the liberation of Soviet and Ethiopian Jewry, the Jewish Federations represented and embodied the spirit of K’lal Yisrael and Am Echad. Through the force of their leadership and philanthropic prowess, this national collective of North American Jewish communities propelled American Jews forward. The golden years of the Jewish Federation system were an inspirational and visionary era led by individuals whose lives were shaped by the Six Day War and many transformational Jewish events of the last fifty years. Jewish Federations embodied the very spirit of … [Read more...]

The Ghosts of JFNA Past, Present and What Yet Might Be: A Call for Submissions

The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA), formerly the United Jewish Communities (UJC), is an umbrella organization representing over 150 Jewish Federations and 300 independent Jewish communities across North America. JFNA was formed over a decade ago by the merger of the United Jewish Appeal (UJA), Council of Jewish Federations, and the United Israel Appeal. According to JFNA, they provide fundraising, organization assistance, training, and overall leadership to the Jewish Federations and communities throughout the United States and Canada. ***** Writing in eJewish Philanthropy last week, Dr. Hal M. Lewis, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership, speaking of his own institution said, "The challenges confronting American Jewish … [Read more...]

Jewish Agency Presents NIS 50 Million Aid Package to Residents of Southern Israel

The Jewish Agency for Israel has developed a NIS 50 million ($13.22 million) aid package to help the communities of Israel's south recover from this summer's hostilities, thanks to contributions from the Jewish Federations of North America, Keren Hayesod-UIA, and other donors. The aid package includes a series of programs aimed at enabling the communities of southern Israel, particularly those closest to the border with Gaza, to expand their population bases and support a range of groups with an investment of NIS 25 million. It also includes NIS 25 million worth of aid extended to the residents of the South during the summer's hostilities. The aid package being developed includes scholarships for local students, assistance to local businesses, grants for victims of rocket attacks, the … [Read more...]

Southern Israel Comes Back to Life Thanks to the Jewish People

Children from southern Israel participate in a special summer camp run by The Jewish Agency for Israel's Fund for Victims of Terror. Photo credit: Sarah Bronson for The Jewish Agency for Israel.

By Rany Trainin At the conclusion of Simchat Torah, I had the opportunity to experience a truly moving event. More than one thousand people spanning four generations, all of them members and residents of Kibbutz Nahal Oz in the past and the present, gathered to celebrate the end of the kibbutz's sixtieth birthday year. As residents of the Gaza border region, the kibbutz members also took the opportunity to mark a return to normalcy after a turbulent and difficult summer. As Deputy Chairman of The Jewish Agency for Israel and a longtime resident of the region, I was overcome with emotion upon being asked to greet the gathering on behalf of the Jewish world. The event took place thanks to the support of The Jewish Agency and the entire Jewish people, whose contributions made the emotional and … [Read more...]