SOFII Showcase

Introducing the SOFII collection.

At eJewish Philanthropy, we know there is a lot of great material to keep up with in the world of fundraising. And, who better to showcase these resources but an organization designed to being the most comprehensive, best organized and most inspiring free archive of fundraising related resources from around the world.

SOFII was launched to showcase exhibits, articles, links, interactive content and more. Designed as a fully searchable resource for fundraising professionals, the SOFII editors have curated content including tips, opinion pieces, book reviews and tutorials.

Their ever-growing collection is catalogued according to:

  • Type of charity or cause: arts, political, seniors, etc.
  • Intended audience: individual volunteering, corporations, etc.
  • Type of campaign: legacy campaign, membership, capital campaign, etc.
  • Medium of communication: direct Mail, press advertising, etc.
  • Country of origin.

We’ve been following SOFII since launch (2010) and we’re impressed by the depth and breadth of available materials. We encourage you to check SOFII out.