“I Work Here, Do I Also Have to Give Money?”: The Meaning of the Staff Contribution to the Non-Profit Organization

Many non-profit organizations have annual fundraising campaigns. The campaigns focus on the broader community’s support of the agency’s activities and its overall investment in building and strengthening the life of the community. It is not … [Continue reading]

Is Planned Giving Part of Your Agency’s Program? part 2

(Part 2 of 2) by Robert I. Evans & Avrum D. Lapin Fact: approximately 8% of all charitable giving in the U.S. in 2008 ($22.7 billion) came in the form of testamentary gifts, according to Giving USA. This represents significantly more than … [Continue reading]

You Can’t Ignore State Charity Registration Laws Any Longer


We've posted previously on the importance of being current with the changes to IRS Form 990 and the various State charity registration requirements that most nonprofits need to report on. Today, we bring you the first of two guest posts by Tony … [Continue reading]

Changing of the Guard at JPPPI

Founding Director of the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute (JPPPI), Avinoam Bar-Yosef, announced yesterday three new appointees joining the leadership of the Institute. Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat has been appointed Chairman of JPPPI’s … [Continue reading]

Are You Swimming or Drowning in the Social Media Stream?

In an earlier post I noted that many Jewish organizations were having a difficult time deciding whether or not it was worthwhile to take the plunge into social media or if they should sit on the shoreline until this latest fad passed by. It turns out … [Continue reading]

The 21st Century Nonprofit: Managing in the Age of Governance

In the nonprofit sector, there is increasing emphasis on governance reform. The Foundation Center's second edition of The 21st Century Nonprofit: Managing in the Age of Governance explores key concepts - accountability, transparency, and … [Continue reading]