Living Generously, Giving Differently

The mantra of this Next Generation. A key plenary took front and center as we were presented with a group of dynamic young leaders who are finding new ways to build community and their version of Tikkun Olam. The common thread among these … [Continue reading]

The NextGen

A name coined by the UJC. Yet, as was mentioned to rounding applause at one of the sessions, perhaps a poor choice. For using the word 'next' we are not concentrating on who they are but rather on who they will become. If this GA showed us anything … [Continue reading]

The week to come


From the outskirts of Moscow to the shoreline on Lake Kinneret and now the Grand Ole Opry; by the hundreds and then thousands. Another packed Fall on our global Jewish calendar. Limmud (Russia) and Kol Dor have spectacularly concluded their … [Continue reading]