From legendary American Jewish composer, singer and recording artist, Debbie Friedman: [youtube][/youtube] Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem … [Continue reading]

Linked Some More

A collection of one liners from yesterday evening's panel; comments, ideas and thoughts. Each one is valuable. My apologies if I misquoted or took something improperly out of context. Chalk it up to making notes at 1 am. Allison Fine Email … [Continue reading]

JCSA Gets It!


They really, really get it. Several hours ago JCSA concluded their annual meeting proving without a doubt that not only could they 'walk the walk' but were adept to 'talk the talk'. The theme this year was titled LINKED: Maximizing technology for … [Continue reading]

LINKED: Maximizing Technology for the Future of the Jewish Community


I'm blogging live and remotely from JCSA's 2008 Annual Program, “LINKED: Maximizing technology for the future of the Jewish community”. Taking place in New York City, I'm in Jerusalem - where it's late at night, fitting right into the program's … [Continue reading]