Do You Have a Blog Policy?

Or, do all organizations with a blog need a policy? How do you determine when a nonprofit blogging policy is needed? How do organizations create policies? Here's a story from behind the firewall of a large nonprofit organization - the names … [Continue reading]

Branding 101


Which of these situations are all too familiar? 1) People call your organization asking for assistance with issues you don't focus on, because they confuse your nonprofit with another nonprofit. 2) You don’t have an “elevator speech” because it’s … [Continue reading]

Economy’s Impact on Solicitations

green dollar sign

The signs of an economic downturn continue as a new study shows that donations made in response to direct-marketing appeals are growing at a considerably slower rate than in past years, according to a new study reported on by The Chronicle of … [Continue reading]

60 Ways I Love Israel

59. The dark cool stones of the Kotel, smoothed by thousands of hands and millions of tears. 60 Ways I Love Israel by Rachel Bookstein on The 60 Bloggers project; a co-production of and the Let My People Sing Festival. It is … [Continue reading]

New Editorial Fellowship is proud to announce the creation of its Editorial Fellowship program. The inaugural two-year fellowship will begin in September 2008, concluding in August 2010. The fellowship is open to recent college graduates interested in … [Continue reading]