A Nonprofit CEO Manifesto

This one isn’t for everyone, but you probably know someone who’d like to read it. Do me (and them) a favor and send it to them. And tell me what you think.  I think this one is important, and since the economy is blowing up and won’t improve any … [Continue reading]

Fundraising 101A

A continuation of earlier posts from the IFC's survey on the state of the economy and what we as fundraising professionals should be doing to ride out the storm. The strategic and tactical decisions made by charities will have more influence on … [Continue reading]

Back to Basics


In reviewing the survey results I wrote about yesterday, there are a few key comments that showed up consistently. You'll recognize most; they fall under the heading of Fundraising 101. Key concepts we all know, but to often forget. Remind … [Continue reading]

Keep A Long-term View

I recently attended the International Fundraising Congress in the Netherlands. It was a heady experience with over 950 delegates representing 60 countries. Meeting and learning from colleagues on a global scale is becoming increasingly more valuable … [Continue reading]

Crossing Borders in Fundraising


We live in a global world. Not only do we look within our own communities for new donors, but we reach across borders seeking those who would support our cause. Today we begin a new category, Crossing Borders, where we will speak about international … [Continue reading]