Giving by Wealthy to Stay Flat

Giving by wealthy donors in the United States is likely to remain strong but flat through the rest of the year, reports the Financial Times. Charity buoyed by resilience of wealthy donors (registration required) The economic slump is already … [Continue reading]

A Salesforce for Good

A follow-up to an earlier post, Philanthropy on the Front End: Marc Benioff’s technology company volunteers to reshape philanthropy model When emerged on the technology scene in 1999 with the novel concept of offering software as … [Continue reading]

Leonard Fein on Peoplehood

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from yesterday's Forward: We Are All Implicated in the World’s Repair There’s considerable talk these days about Jewish peoplehood. Is the sense of it sustainable? For that matter, is it still alive? And on what foundation does it rest? What is it … [Continue reading]