Code of Ethics: Israel Association of Professional Fundraisers

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Preface to the Israeli Code of Ethics In order to propose a professional Code of Ethics for the Israeli Association of Professional Fundraisers, we examined a wealth of ethical codes being used in different countries. Recognizing the diversity of Israeli society and the unique array of philanthropic practices used here, we preferred to adapt the language of the ethical code developed by AFP - the Association of Fundraising Professionals which we felt best expressed this diversity. The translation below closely follows the original language, with the exception of an additional principal relating to professionalism. International Statement of Ethical Principles in Fundraising PREFACE Fundraisers work in many varied fields, countries and circumstances, but they share several fundamental … [Read more...]

Developing Social Media Metrics


Following our post from Friday, Developing a Social Media Policy, we thought it a good idea to remind our readers about social media metrics. As nonprofits make expanded use of social media, many are still struggling with a concept that is second nature to them in other areas of fundraising: metrics. The Social Media Group of Convio Services has created a guide “Going Social: Tapping into Social Media for Nonprofit Success,” which offers the following suggestions for social media metrics: General metrics: Media coverage from social media. Social shares from respected networks. Number of new supporters in email list from social media. Referring traffic to campaign landing pages. Number of click-throughs to campaign elements from each source. Number of calls to action taken, including … [Read more...]

Philanthropy Course Syllabuses Available

The Duke Sanford School of Public Policy has established an online database collection of syllabuses for courses on philanthropy, contributed by scholars from institutions nationwide. Titles and course descriptions are fully searchable. Users can also browse by focus, keyword, institution, instructor and year offered. … [Read more...]

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If you are not familiar with our Resource Library, have a look. We developed this section as a way to assist you in connecting with others, reaching a greater audience and keeping current on the newest tends. We also encourage you to check back often as new links are added on a regular basis. Some recent additions: IRS Tax-Exempt Status Newly revised, the process for dealing with the IRS to obtain tax-exempt status (October 2010) Finding the Right Transparency Today, more than ever, the public and government agencies are demanding nonprofits to be transparent. But concerns about having a realistic picture of internal operations, where money is going, and the effectiveness of the programs are countered by concerns of overburdened staff, increased administrative costs, and an invitation to … [Read more...]

Creating a Mobile Version of Your Website

from Mashable: 8 Tools For Easily Creating a Mobile Version of Your Website The mobile web is burgeoning. Usage of iOS, the operating system for Apple mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad, almost doubled in just seven months (from March 2010 to October 2010), according to Netmarketshare. This is an indicator of just how many people are browsing websites, more and more, through their mobile devices instead of their computers. Small [organizations] should be on top of this trend. To help out, we’ve compiled a list of easy-to-use tools for creating mobile sites. The tools in this list were purposely chosen for ease of use - that is, they’re all aimed at site owners who don’t have any web development/coding experience. They’re perfect solutions for small- and medium-sized … [Read more...]

Defining an Amutah [an Israeli Charitable Organization]

by Shuey Fogel The Hebrew word amutah, referring to a charity in Israel, is used both correctly and incorrectly to describe just about any nonprofit organization registered in the country. But wait, it get’s more confusing. Not all charities are charities, sometimes they’re companies. And sometimes a charity isn’t tax-exempt while a company might be. Confused? Don’t worry. In this post I’ll cover the various terms and statuses available to Israeli charities - along with links to government websites - that will help you find the answer to the bottom-line question burning in your mind: Is this organization worthy of my donation? A United States "Nonprofit" Like many things, sometimes the easiest way to define something is to first define what it is not; thus, a look at our … [Read more...]