It’s Not Over: What’s Not Being Said About Long Term Recovery and Natural Disasters

Jewish Disaster Response Corps volunteers - Hurricane Sandy relief; photo courtesy.

We show up to volunteer when the chaos first touches down, but we disappear when the opportunity to truly help arises. By Samantha Kanofsky It’s been two years since I moved to New York, and two years since Hurricane Sandy hit - marking my initiation to East Coast weather and to the inspiring (and sometimes frustrating) world of long term recovery. The first event my roommates and I ever ran as a Brooklyn Moishe House was a cleanup day in Red Hook, bailing water out of washing machines and hauling unbelievable amounts of debris out of sodden backyards. … [Read more...]

Alicia Post, aka The “Connector”

sizzler me

By Abigail Pickus It’s not everyone who has a Facebook page dedicated to their powers as a connector. But then again, Alicia Post is not everyone. “I’m a self-proclaimed ‘Jewlebrity,” said the 36-year-old New Yorker with a laugh. After all, because of her prowess as a networker, connector and general helper of all Jews interested in doing good in the Jewish world, a friend set up a Facebook page in her honor called, "Six degrees of Alicia Post." "I am convinced that every Jew in the world, or at least NYC, can be connected within 6 degrees to the awesome amazing Alicia Post. She's the Kevin Bacon of Jews!” writes Adam Broidy, her friend who started the group. “Please join the group if you are Jewish, or not Jewish, know Alicia, or don't. Just join regardless!” So far, the page boasts … [Read more...]

How Hybrid Learning Can Transform Jewish Education

Hybrids: Not Just a Car How hybrid learning can transform Jewish education  By Lesley Litman and Michael Zeldin [In the second of two articles on the learning from our experience with the four-year old Executive MA program in Jewish Education at HUC-JIR, we focus on how “hybrid” (online and in person) learning at the graduate level can build relationships and result in impressive and profound professional growth.] When serious Jewish educators know that passion and instinct are not enough for them to make the kind of impact they desire, they may seek to deepen and enhance the understanding, knowledge and skills related to the work they do. For many that means seeking out learning opportunities enabling them to stay in their jobs and hometowns. So they often turn to online higher … [Read more...]

Genesis Prize Competition Closes

genesis generation challenge

Last night, at 11:59 EST, the Genesis Generation Challenge officially closed with over 140 completed applications. Over the course of the competition, more than 22,000 individuals visited the competition website from 174 countries, and over 2,000 individuals registered for the competition. Participants from across the globe submitted applications to fund projects, guided by Jewish values, which will address the world’s pressing issues. The competition was established to honor Michael R. Bloomberg, the inaugural Genesis Prize laureate. The Challenge will award up to 10 teams $100,000 USD each. Winners will be announced in the first quarter of 2015. In the coming weeks, all approved submissions will be distributed to the international expert Evaluation Panel, which will review and score the … [Read more...]

Poland’s New Jewish History Museum Opens

Gallery_The Jewish Town_synagogue_FOT. M.STAROWIEYSKA_D.GOLIK_POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jewish

Warsaw, Poland, Oct. 28, 2014 - Two decades in the making, the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews unveiled today its eight-gallery Core Exhibition, showcasing 1,000 years of Jewish life in Poland. The museum, which stands on the historic site of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising facing the Monument of the Warsaw Ghetto Heroes, both memorializes and perpetuates Jewish life in Poland. Once home to the world’s largest Jewish community from which the majority of Jews living across the Diaspora descend, Poland is today enjoying a resurgence of Jewish life. At a total cost of $110 million, the museum boasts the distinction of being Poland’s largest public-private partnership - a collaborative initiative among the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Municipality of Warsaw and the Association … [Read more...]

The Museumification of Jewish Life in Europe

The Libeskind-designed Jewish Museum Berlin, to the left of the old Kollegienhaus (before 2005); photo Wikipedia.

By Liam Hoare There is no bigger event this month - indeed, this year - in terms of Jewish life in Europe than the unveiling of the $55 million core exhibition of the History of the Museum of Polish Jews in Warsaw today (October 28). The culmination of almost twenty years of work - the project having its origins in the early 1990s - the exhibit will convey a thousand years of Jewish life in Poland, interactively, within a 43,000-square-foot space. It will after its opening become, as I have previously written, a point of light, wisdom, and reflection in a country that will forever be associated with the midnight of the twentieth century and the great catastrophe of Jewish history. For that reason, the museum is significant in and of itself. But far more interesting, perhaps, is not what it … [Read more...]

eJP Top Nonprofit Blog Worldwide Targeting a Faith-based or Ethnic Community


Top Nonprofits, in partnership with Third Sector Today, has placed eJewish Philanthropy #14 on the list of the world’s 150 most popular nonprofit blogs. The same list shows eJewish Philanthropy as the most popular nonprofit blog targeting a faith-based or ethnic demographic. We are grateful to all our stakeholders - contributors, readers, donors and others - who have played a part in our success as we begin our 8th year of publishing. … [Read more...]