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What responsibility do Israeli English-language media outlets have to North American Jews and orgs? By Maayan Jaffe The first edition of the International Jerusalem Post was launched on Friday, Sept. 18, 1959. “It was long before the words ‘global village’ had been combined, in an age when journalism was still a vocation and personal computers belonged to the realm of science fiction,” wrote the paper’s editor, Liat Collins, in a 2009 anniversary column. Culling through the paper’s archives Collins discovered a letter from then Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, congratulating the Post on its international debut. His message equally resonates in 2015: … [Read more...]

Improving Employee Satisfaction: A Study of Jewish Nonprofits in Los Angeles


By Alexi Biener and Emily St. Lifer What does your ideal workplace look like? An employee at a Los Angeles Jewish nonprofit answered, “A place where everyone understands the mission and understands how we are fulfilling it every day. A place where people are proud of what we are doing and are able to talk about it. A place where you are supported not only professionally, but personally. That people know about the exciting and happy and sad things in your personal life and are there to support you. An organization that supports professional development and work-life balance and values the Jewish family, whether it’s the family of the office or the families that work here. I think I just described this organization.” As students about to enter the professional world of Jewish communal work, we … [Read more...]

Re-imagining Jewish Education in the United States: Lessons from a 20th Century Visionary

By Dr Gil Graff In his superbly researched and elegantly written book, The Benderly Boys & American Jewish Education, Jonathan Krasner describes the vision and work of Samson Benderly and his "boys" in developing a progressive supplementary school model, beginning 1910. The "Benderly boys" were committed to what Benderly described as a double school system: "We must have a system of Hebrew schools which our children can attend after their daily attendance in the public schools," Benderly affirmed. For fifty years, the Benderly boys and the model of Jewish education they promoted was a dominant force in Jewish education in the United States. Krasner observes that, notwithstanding their pre-eminence in the field, the Benderly boys (and girls) were by no means the only voices or actors in … [Read more...]

One Month After Nepal Quake, JDC Aiding Tens of Thousands

Courtesy JDC

Focus on Nepali women, teachers, and community leaders alleviates poverty and trauma New York, NY, May 26, 2015 - A month after Nepal was hit by the biggest earthquake in 80 years, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) is providing aid to to tens of thousands of survivors; conducting post trauma counseling and training for teachers and women leaders; and launching a livelihood restoration program for women vulnerable to extreme poverty and trafficking. The organization's second deployment of development experts will also depart for Nepal and focus on early and long term recovery in the face of widespread fear of another quake, the impending monsoon season, and worsened conditions from a second deadly earthquake. “While the challenges in Nepal remain great, we have already … [Read more...]

Dwindling Zambian Jewish Community Donates to Family Medicine in Israel and Zambia

Inside a Jewish cemetery in Zambia; screenshot from CNN.

A special inauguration was recently held at the School of Public Health/Sackler Facuty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University to celebrate the Zambian Jewish Community Public Health Wing. Here's how it came to be: As the African sun sets on the Jewish community of Zambia, "it was a question of what to do with the Jewish community's assets that would best exemplify the outstanding legacy of Zambia's Jewish community," said Michael Galaun, Chairman of the Council of Zambian Jewry. The result was an affirmation of the mindset that has exemplified Jewish communal life in sub-Sahara Africa, "Contribute to your country and provide for Israel's future." And so, following the sale of five synagogues along with the rabbi's home in Luska - added to the previous sale of communal assets over the years - $2 … [Read more...]

First Time and First Impressions in Frankfurt Germany

Restaurant Schwartzer Stern; photo by Rhonda Spivak.

By Rhonda Spivak It was February 2012, my first time in Germany for two days on a stopover on my way to Israel. I had decided to stay at the Flemings Deluxe Hotel because it was centrally located, safe and it had a great view of a medieval tower that was opposite it. There are two things I remember most about the hotel. The first was that when I ordered tea at the rooftop restaurant, it came with a little hour glass-timer. When I saw the timer it reminded me of playing boggle with my cousins in Israel on Netanya beach. For a moment, I began wondering why the waiter in this Frankfurt hotel had assumed that I wanted to play boggle. Then I realized that I was supposed to turn the mini-hour glass upside down and when the sand drained to the bottom, it meant my tea was ready. The waiter explained … [Read more...]

Newly Launched Australia Program Shows Tweens Local Poverty

Photo courtesy Twelve Batmitzvah program

A unique Jewish coming of age program for 11-12 year old girls, Twelve, has been launched this year in Melbourne, Australia, in response to a growing desire of many parents to show their tweens firsthand what poverty and disadvantage looks like in Australia. Over 50 families, or 100 participants, have signed up for the yearlong program to roll their sleeves up and get to work with their daughters to help people in need. … [Read more...]