Kohelet Foundation Continues to Support JDS Education in Philadelphia

The Kohelet Foundation and Torah Academy of Greater Philadelphia are pleased to announce a new gift by the Foundation in support of Jewish primary and middle school education in the Philadelphia area. The Kohelet Foundation has pledged a new unrestricted gift of $500,000 to Torah Academy. In addition, the Kohelet Foundation will release approximately $800,000 in restricted funds associated with a prior pledge, for a total unrestricted gift to Torah Academy of $1.3 million to be transferred in January 2015. … [Read more...]

From Pushke to Power Suit

How the new Jewish women's foundations are changing Jewish philanthropy and women's lives By Susan Weidman Schneider [eJP note: The following article appeared in the Spring 2002 issue of Lilith Magazine. It is reprinted as a response to Women’s Philanthropy - Change Is In the Air, published on eJP yesterday.] Ten years ago, a Jewish woman with a feminist consciousness and a checkbook had to read carefully and listen hard to support Jewish women’s and girls’ causes. Writing those checks required both research and decision-making. To give to education or to anti-violence work? To give to a women’s film project which might change minds or to a program for home bound elderly women which would keep their spirits alive? And our feminist philanthropist faced all this alone. … [Read more...]

Women’s Philanthropy – Change Is In the Air

By Phyllis Teicher Goldman and Nancy Schwartz Sternoff We read with great interest the re-printed piece by Susan Weidman Schneider that appeared in Lilith in 1993; we have applauded Susan for many years for her outspoken and determined advocacy for Jewish women. Yes, the Jewish community is still plagued by structural inadequacy, the “Male Model” described by Susan, that inhibits both women’s giving and women’s leadership. The recent 2014 CEO salary survey issued by Jane Eisner of The Forward attests to egregious gaps in leadership roles and compensation by gender. However, there have been significant advances that we hope Lilith will examine and publicize. The most promising shift has been promulgated by the proliferation of Jewish women’s funds and foundations across the spectrum of … [Read more...]

When Kolb met Hillel: Using Reflection, Conceptualization, and Experimentation with College Students

The authors lead an interactive session on the use of the Kolb Experiential Learning Cycle on their campuses for fellow Hillel professionals at the recent Hillel International Global Assembly.

By Benji Berlow, Lior Cyngiser, Erica Frankel and Michelle Lackie [This is the first in a series of articles written by participants and alumni of the YU Certificate Program in Experiential Jewish Education (EJE), highlighting EJE related ideas and practices. This article was written by four Hillel professionals.] How Students Learn When designing a program or experience, we as educators often pour most of our energies into the things that we can control: the content, the learning environment, and the method of imparting knowledge and do not spend enough time on what we cannot control: what the learner actually learns. And while we cannot control what our learners learn, we can create the maximal environment for the application of what it is that they learn. Through the EJE certificate … [Read more...]

Igniting the Light of Channuka with Apps

My Menorah App

By Mordecai Holtz When I hear the word nonprofit, I don’t usually think of technology and apps. In the age of digital media and, in many respects, digital communities, Jewish organizations need to continue to find the tools that respond to current interests, technological opportunities, while remaining true to the Jewish traditions of educating and inspiring the next generation. Thankfully, albeit slowly, more Jewish organizations are pushing the envelope by redefining the classic definition of engagement. These organizations and agencies are bridging the gap between classic Jewish education and the technology available to ensure that Judaism remain relevant and engaging to future generations. With chanukah around the corner, many are polishing their silver menorahs, fine tuning their … [Read more...]

The Jewish Federation System: A Conversation for the Future

By Denis Braham and Lee Wunsch For more than 100 years, the Jewish Federations have been at the epicenter of the most significant events in the modern history of the Jewish people. From the birth and nascent years of the State of Israel through the liberation of Soviet and Ethiopian Jewry, the Jewish Federations represented and embodied the spirit of K’lal Yisrael and Am Echad. Through the force of their leadership and philanthropic prowess, this national collective of North American Jewish communities propelled American Jews forward. The golden years of the Jewish Federation system were an inspirational and visionary era led by individuals whose lives were shaped by the Six Day War and many transformational Jewish events of the last fifty years. Jewish Federations embodied the very spirit of … [Read more...]

JCSA is JPRO Network: Rededicating a Professional Resource Organization

Hanukkah is a holiday of re-dedication and it is fitting that the launch of our new website www.JPRO.org and proud embrace of our new name - JPRO Network - come at this time. This change does not come readily as there are many community professionals who believe that the call to community service is a sacred endeavor. In changing our name from the Jewish Communal Service Association of North America we are not abandoning the Jewish values that provide the foundation for our work. We are welcoming and promoting professional leadership on all levels and recognizing that in this 21st Century we heavily rely upon networks to advance our work and our personal success. It is not enough to change our name if our actions and activities are not reflected in this change. While associations and networks … [Read more...]

Grinspoon Launches Tzedakah Box Project

Landon Derikrava of Greenwich, CT enjoying his box. Photo courtesy PJ Library.

This holiday season, a philanthropist best known for giving out free books to children is mailing a quarter of a million tzedakah boxes to the same children - and more - to encourage and spread the spirit of generosity and giving. Harold Grinspoon launched the project at the holiday season because it is a time when families of different faiths try to teach their children about charity, fairness and justice. “Generosity of spirit is a learned trait, taught to children by their families and their communities and, if taught well, benefits those communities for generations,” said Grinspoon, the founder of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and its flagship PJ Library program. “These boxes are a Chanukah gift to families with young children who are already nurturing the spirit of charity, and an … [Read more...]